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VRFBackupTool shares the same broken function as VRFSearchAndBackup, so I decided I would update this one as well.

You can find the most recent version on it’s GitHub Repository.

Yesterday I discovered an error in my DownloadRouterConfig application where it would terminate abnormally if a variable (a path name) in the settings.cfg file was left blank.  Should no path name be specified, the application should have used it’s current working directory.  Instead, it just crashed.

In fixing the code, I realized that all my other applications used this same function — so I corrected all of them as well.  (I also took care of a few other miscellaneous things while I was in there.  See the CHANGELOG, if interested.)  If you happen to be using any of these applications to help manage your own Cisco routers, you’ll want to pull the latest code down to prevent any possible errors in the future.

BuildVRFIndex v0.0.9-alpha (2014-03-17) v2.2.3 (2014-03-17) v1.2.0 (2014-03-17)
VRFBackupTool v0.0.9-alpha (2014-03-17)
VRFSearchAndBackup v1.0.1 (2014-03-17)
VRFSearchTool v0.0.18-beta (2014-03-17)

This isn’t a new tool, just newly discussed on my blog. 🙂

Building on the experiences of my other Python applications (namely the VRFSearchTool), I took this knowledge to the next level and created an entirely new application.  Similar in functionality to the VRFSearchTool, the VRFBackupTool will back up the VRF VPN configuration of a Cisco router when provided with the VRF Name.  Unlike the VRFSearchTool, it does not display any information regarding the VRF Name provided — it simply locates it among the index file, connects to the router(s) holding the configuration specific to the VRF Name and backs it up to a directory specified in the configuration file.

There is a lot more I could say about this application but since it’s been out several weeks now and I’m just now catching up on blogging about it, you can head on over to it’s GitHub repository if you’d like to learn more or see it in action.