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I had participated in the ARRL January VHF QSO Party my very first year as a licensed Ham and I must admit that I wasn’t that impressed.  It was cold, my fingers were numb and my arms were tired from holding an Arrow antenna at arms length trying to chase a dozen VHF/UHF contacts across metro Atlanta.  Yet, I still answered the call from a fellow Ham to participate in this year’s VHF contest. I actually thought this year would be different — and for the most part, it was.

I was equipped with new radios, new antennas and most importantly, I intended on letting a mast do the work: I wasn’t going to be holding any antennas this time.  So I met up with WK4U Saturday afternoon and we rolled up to the top of Sweat Mountain, found a spot in the shade a little ways down from all the antennas and EMI and got to work.

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As you might have read, I was having some engine-repair woes earlier in the week, but I finally got all that cleared up and everything running smoothly again.


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As a project wears on, standards for success slip lower and lower.


Title shamelessly stolen from one of my favorite XKCD comics.

Sunday evening:

As I was putting away the tools from working around the lawn, I noticed that Sarah had returned from running errands.  She casually mentioned that on the drive home, her Prius had displayed some warnings and she’d like for me to check it out.  The way she nonchalantly described the issue, I assumed that it was another “take me to the dealer” idiot light and began to investigate.

Upon inspection, this appeared to be more serious than just a benign warning light.  Just about every warning/error light on the dash was illuminated.  Worse yet, I inspected the engine bay before diving into the errors and thought the electric motor was unusually HOT.  We had just driven the car back from Florida the day before without any problems and even after 12 hours on the road, the engine wasn’t as hot as it was now.

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