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I love P90X3, but I want the workout, not all the fluff that comes with it.

If you’re a frequent P90X3 user and you own the DVD set — you probably feel the same way I do: When I’m motivated to pop that DVD in the player, I shouldn’t have to wait on FBI warnings, medical disclaimers, BeachBody product advertisements, commercials or user testimonials.  I don’t relish the thought of exercise, so when I’m pressing play on the DVD player, the sooner we get to the action, the better.

Having said all that, I’ve finally decided to rip all these DVDs and incorporate them into my media player.  Not only does this skip the process of having to locate the DVD in the sleeve and put it in the player, but I receive the added benefit of skipping the parts I can’t fast-forward through when using the DVD.

However, unless you understand how these DVDs are formatted, ripping the appropriate content can be somewhat confusing.  That is why I wrote this guide, to help other impatient people get the most out of their time and get on with the workout.

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