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Life After Detox

February 14, 2014 — Leave a comment

I intentionally omitted a few details from my detox post yesterday.  Partly because I was too lazy to drag out the post and partly because I wanted to see who would return to hear the rest of the story.

Something I didn’t completely disclose is why I decided to participate in this detox.  The creator of the detox recommends undergoing the program with an accountability partner.  The obvious reason being that you’re much more likely to succeed if you have someone to suffer with support you.  The not so obvious reason is they sell the program to a second person.

I can’t believe we paid for this privilege. 😀  (Actually, we didn’t.  Sarah suckered her Mom into doing it with her and I was along for the ride.)

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A while back I had alluded to this crazy diet/detox I was on during the month of January, but I haven’t taken the opportunity to blog about it, until now.  If you know me personally, you’re already familiar with what I’ve been through — but I thought it’d be nice to write it down for posterity’s sake (and elicit some well-deserved snarky comments, I’m sure).

But before I begin — you may know the company promoting this particular detox or have heard me talk about it.  I won’t mention them since they’re making good money and they aren’t paying me to advertise for them.  I don’t expect this to be a puff piece — just a summary of my experiences and results.

On occasion I’ve heard of other folks going on a detox for a few days at a time but it’s never really appealed to me.  Either because I found the method of the detox to be quite unappealing or because I didn’t have a particular interest in changing my meal planning to eat less-than-appetizing meals.  I can assure you that in this particular detox program, you’ll be receiving a healthy dose of the latter.

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