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Given all the recent press about the National Security Agency (NSA) practically wiretapping the world, I thought it was time to investigate available options for keeping my private data private.

I’ve been aware of the ownCloud product for some time and thought it was time to explore it’s functionality and determine how it rates given my needs.

But first, what is ownCloud? ownCloud is an open-source, secure file syncing and sharing service that you install and manage on your own hardware.  Basically, it’s your own private cloud running on your own hardware.  (As compared to using a cloud-provider that may or may not be selling your data to assorted government agencies.)

Why Raspberry Pi? RPis are very small, low power Linux computers which are easily configurable to meet many basic desktop or server applications.  In this case, running ownCloud.  Plus, I happen to have a spare one on my desk at the moment. 🙂

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