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One of the least glamorous parts of network security is capturing information on Internet hosts that exhibit malicious intent.  Here is a script that I’ve created to help automate the process of collecting WHOIS information:

[code language=”bash”]#!/usr/bin/sh
# This script uses native whois command to return the WHOIS information
# of the IP Addresses provided.
# $ ./
# $ ./ etc.

# Set path to save files:

# Set filename prefix and/or suffix:

for args in "$@"
whois $args > $path$prefix$args$suffix

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Yesterday I enjoyed Father’s Day in part by putting my Father’s Day gift (an Osprey Poco Plus child carrier) to good use.  The wife, baby, dog and I hiked a couple miles along the river at Rope Mill Park.  I’d love to see the county complete the trail system out there as it was still a bit muddy after the sidewalk runs out.  Every time I’m out there I say I’ll drop the canoe in the water and head up/down stream.  Maybe I’ll make that a reality this year?

Father's Day Hike

Way back when I installed a driveway camera, the intent was to keep a watchful eye on the front of the house.  Never once did it occur to me that it’d reveal all sorts of crazy things that happen at the house when we’re not home or otherwise not paying attention.

Since its installation, its captured all sorts of entertaining images.  Its captured plenty of video of spiders in progress of building their webs.  Its captured an assortment of wildlife crossing through the yard such as deer, turkey and even a coyote once.  Its even captured a photo of squirrel nuts.

Entertainment aside, it’s also very informative about the activities and habits of other people that come to visit, so to speak.

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Yesterday was a “Spring Holiday” (don’t you dare call it Easter) so I thought I’d make great use of my time off and get some things done around the house.  We were expecting a LOT of rain and thankfully it held off long enough for me to get the yard taken care of.  However, I decided I was going to tackle a more ominous project: leaky valve gaskets.

So my Friday afternoon started off like this:

2014-04-18 14.53.05

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I previously reposted an old blog from my past where I revealed the identity of The Actress.

What was a fun St. Patty’s photo then:


Has perhaps turned into a new family tradition: