Possible SOTA Activation For Sweat Mtn. W4G/CE-002

June 14, 2014 — Leave a comment

I apologize for redirecting you Shack Sloths over here but I had more to say than would fit in the SOTAWatch Alert comment field…

This Saturday June 14th (and/or possibly Sunday June 15th?) I will be on Sweat Mountain W4G/CE-002 participating in the ARRL VHF/UHF contest. Depending on how things work out, I will attempt to activate the mountain via VHF in hopes of avoiding stringing up an HF antenna.

What things would prevent me from activating?

  1. For starters: If you’re not familiar with Sweat Mountain, it’s a small mountain just North of Atlanta that’s highly commercialized. In other words, it’s got a half-dozen or more towers perched on the top of it. Although the club repeater is up there and I’ve been on the mountain before, it’s gated. Plus, I have no idea where the actual summit is, so I’ll have to hunt for it. (I didn’t find it the last time I went looking.)
  2. Secondly: location, location, location. We’re driving nearly to the top and I’ll be operating out of the truck, which disqualifies me for an activation. I’ll have to locate the summit and depending on where it is in relation to where we park I’ll probably have to hike down a ways and back up to operate within the allowed radius of the summit.
  3. Thirdly: any tower maintenance that might be taking place will probably axe the whole thing.  A few weeks ago, the rumor mill says that a tower was coming down to make way for a possibly larger tower. So I don’t know if that’s true, if construction is still taking place (at all?) or not. I guess we’ll find out?
  4. Finally, timing. I don’t know what the timeline is but were out to have fun first and everything else second. If that means a SOTA activation, then great. If not, I don’t want to be stressing over the logistics of activating the mountain.


This is only an alert.  I’ll self-spot if/when the activation is on.  If you don’t see a spot, then it ain’t happening.  I know several of you are all about collecting unique summits and I haven’t activated this one before so I’m gonna give it go if at all possible. I *think* we’ll be up there around 19:00 GMT +/- 1hr?  I’ll be operating 2m, 70cm, possibly 6m and if all else fails, HF.

Hope to catch you on the air!

72 de KK4LOV

Aaron Melton


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