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I intentionally omitted a few details from my detox post yesterday.  Partly because I was too lazy to drag out the post and partly because I wanted to see who would return to hear the rest of the story.

Something I didn’t completely disclose is why I decided to participate in this detox.  The creator of the detox recommends undergoing the program with an accountability partner.  The obvious reason being that you’re much more likely to succeed if you have someone to suffer with support you.  The not so obvious reason is they sell the program to a second person.

I can’t believe we paid for this privilege. 😀  (Actually, we didn’t.  Sarah suckered her Mom into doing it with her and I was along for the ride.)

Well, not entirely along for the ride.  I’ve got some weight I could lose and this “seemed like a good idea at the time.”  Actually, that’s a lie.  This never seemed like a good idea.  Tough Mudder seemed like a good idea at the time (when I signed up for it) — but ask me again come April.

Anyway — I was desperate to get some momentum and gain some control over my weight.  Recently it seemed no matter how much I exercised, the weight just wasn’t coming off.  And that was seriously starting to annoy me.  Signing up for Tough Mudder was what I needed to motivate me to get in shape.  This detox was what I needed to help shed some weight.

But how much weight?

I’m 6’1″ and started at 210.4lbs.  After the first week, I was down 8.8lbs.  The last three weeks of the program I lost an additional 5.6lbs to make that a total of 14.4lbs lost at 196lbs.  195lbs was actually my target. Since the detox ended, I’ve rebounded to 197lbs.  I hope that’s muscle!

My calorie intake isn’t what it was prior to the detox (and I don’t intend for it to be) but I can manage the daily P90X routine without nearly passing out or sleeping the rest of the afternoon to make up for lost energy.  I’m visibly slimmer and can see where I’ve gained muscle (mostly in the arms/chest.  I’m already thinking crazy thoughts like doing the detox again before summer.  Maybe I’ll just say I’m “cutting” instead of “on a detox.”  That way the gym rats will just nod in agreement. 😉

Tomorrow marks two weeks I’ve been out of the detox and I don’t believe a whole lot diet-wise has changed since then.  I’m mostly certain I haven’t eaten anything fried.  No French fries or crazy-sweet baked items, candy or the like. I’ve had one beer and two small glasses of wine.  I did have a large glass of sweet tea, but that was at a BBQ place — so it’s excused.  (+1 for ‘Cue BBQ in Milton, BTW!)

I’m still drinking a lot of smoothies.  Not nearly as many as during the detox but nearly every breakfast and most lunches consist of them.  I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed them — but they’re convenient and are easy to prepare.  Spending a few minutes in the kitchen to bottle up two quart Mason jars, one for breakfast and one for lunch, has become a normal weekday routine.  Dinners primarily consist of salads and other veggies — although last night we were feeling frisky and had spinach ravioli with tomato sauce and (turkey) meatballs.

We’ve easily got a half-dozen cases of Starbucks Frappacinos chilling in the garage I haven’t touched.  Couples in our small group and the babysitters are living the high-life, though.  I haven’t touched a soda — and honestly don’t intend to.  I’m still drinking a lot of water.  I can’t bring myself to throw out the few bottles of Sam Adams Octoberfest.  I’ll schedule a few more “special occasions” before it turns…

I’m honestly not sure about what the future holds, as it comes to our eating habits.  I know what we’d like to do but it’s not often or always practical.  I believe I’m more concerned about how to handle food when I’m on the road or otherwise outside the home.  There aren’t a whole lot of (easy) choices for “good” food outside what you can prepare for yourself — and I’m afraid I’ll revert to old habits.  (They die hard, you know?)  At least the baby is crazy for fruits and veggies (his favorite is broccoli) and that, in some small way, is motivation to stay on the “healthy eating” path.

I’m amazed at how my appetite and taste buds have reset.  I don’t have the same cravings as I did prior to the detox and foods taste different to me now.  Especially foods with salt.  My appetite for salt hasn’t changed much, but my ability to actually eat it has.  If I eat something with just about any measure of salt, it’s still slightly jolting and a few times there have been items I just haven’t been able to get down.  I want to, but I cant.  It seems odd saying it that way, but I don’t know how else to describe it.  My mouth waters just thinking about it but I know the next bite or spoonful of whatever (containing salt) just won’t appeal to me the way I want to believe it will.  Quite sad, actually…


I’ve lost a fantastic amount of weight in a short period of time and for the time being I’m managed to keep most of it off.  My joints (knees especially) don’t ache when I get out of bed in the morning.  I don’t need those frequent afternoon naps just to make it through the day.  My psychology around food has changed, for the better.  My jeans won’t stay up without a belt and I’m able to wear suits I haven’t been able to since who-knows-when. I don’t jiggle during Plyometrics (quite the accomplishment)!  I’ve kicked an addiction to caffeine, for the second time in my life.  AND I pretty much weigh the same amount as I did when Sarah and I first met.

All that being said, I’d gladly trade the things I’ve “lost” for the gains I’ve made.  I ain’t no supermodel but for the first time in nearly ten years I’m on track to being a more fit individual and this detox gave me the tools to help set that in motion.

Aaron Melton


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