How To Rip P90X3 DVDs With Handbrake

May 22, 2014 — 88 Comments

I love P90X3, but I want the workout, not all the fluff that comes with it.

If you’re a frequent P90X3 user and you own the DVD set — you probably feel the same way I do: When I’m motivated to pop that DVD in the player, I shouldn’t have to wait on FBI warnings, medical disclaimers, BeachBody product advertisements, commercials or user testimonials.  I don’t relish the thought of exercise, so when I’m pressing play on the DVD player, the sooner we get to the action, the better.

Having said all that, I’ve finally decided to rip all these DVDs and incorporate them into my media player.  Not only does this skip the process of having to locate the DVD in the sleeve and put it in the player, but I receive the added benefit of skipping the parts I can’t fast-forward through when using the DVD.

However, unless you understand how these DVDs are formatted, ripping the appropriate content can be somewhat confusing.  That is why I wrote this guide, to help other impatient people get the most out of their time and get on with the workout.

What you’ll need:

  1. A computer with a DVD drive
  2. Handbrake
  3. P90X3 DVDs
  4. A couple hour’s worth of time

How the DVD’s are organized:

Each DVD (excluding How To Accelerate) contains two different workout routines.  Each workout routine has selections on the title menu allowing you to turn on/off options (music, subtitles, etc).  Each selection corresponds to a different title on the DVD.  This is important to know so you select the right title within Handbrake.  For the purposes of this guide, I selected the normal routine for each workout.  This table below describes each disc, title and the corresponding normal routine for each workout.

Please note there are some small discrepancies in the labeling of each DVD and their ordering in the packaging that might confuse you.  The 4th DVD (in order) in the booklet (Pilates X & X3 Yoga) is labeled “P90X3 Disc 6.”  The 5th DVD in the booklet (Incinerator & The Challenge) is labeled “P90X3 Disc 4.”  The 6th DVD in the booklet (MMX & The Warrior) is labeled “P90X3 Disc 5.”  Pay special attention to the table so that you select the right titles.

Disc Title Routine
1 46 How To Accelerate
2 4 Cold Start
2 17 Total Synergistics
2 60 CVX
3 36 Agility X
3 83 Triometrics
4 26 The Challenge
4 79 Incinerator
5 25 The Warrior
5 70 MMX
6 35 X3 Yoga
6 83 Pilates X
7 26 Isometrix
7 70 Dynamix
8 31 Accelerator
8 83 Decelerator
9 35 Eccentric Upper
9 87 Eccentric Lower

Let’s Do This:

I’m assuming you already know how to use Handbrake or you wouldn’t be reading this guide.  If you don’t know how to use Handbrake, Google is your friend.

Insert a DVD into your computer.  For the purposes of this example, I used the Total Synergistics and CVX DVD.  Handbrake should automatically detect the DVD and begin scanning all the titles and generating preview pictures.


  1. Select the title corresponding to the disc and workout routine you wish to rip.  If you’re following along and using the Total Synergistics/CVX DVD, title 4 is Cold Start.
  2. Choose a filename and folder where the file will be created.  You can also change the picture settings in the tabs below this area if you desire.  I chose to leave everything with the defaults.
  3. Click on the Enqueue button.  You could Start the ripping procedure right now, but we can queue up two more titles on this DVD and rip them all at the same time.


Repeat the same process outlined above for any additional titles on the DVD.  If you’re following along and using the Total Synergistics/CVX DVD, you can follow the process again for title 17 (Total Synergistics) and title 60 (CVX).  Or, if you’re using a different DVD, use the table above to select the appropriate titles for the two workout routines on that specific disc.

  1. After you’ve queued up the titles you wish to rip, click on the Queue button to view them.


  1. If everything is to your liking, click the Start button to begin ripping these titles to disk.


Handbrake will begin ripping the titles you selected to disk.  I’ll be placing these videos on my XBMC server, which we already use to stream media off the Internet.  You can even take these videos with you on your favorite mobile device.  If that’s your intention, you might want to use the presets for your particular device.



If you found this guide helpful, please leave me a comment below to let me know!

Aaron Melton


88 responses to How To Rip P90X3 DVDs With Handbrake

  1. I only get files 1, 4, 5, and 45. I even reinstalled Handbrake. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I can rip 4 but if I try 45, that file is almost blank.

    • Which DVD are you trying to rip?

      • The same one as you used for the example.
        I am using Windows 7 64 bit, if that matters.

        • I’m using Linux, but I wouldn’t think it matters. Handbrake should be pretty universal across all OSes (maybe some minor differences that shouldn’t affect overall functionality). So you’re using DVD #2. When you say you only get files 1, 4, 5 & 45 — are you saying these are the only titles that appear in the dropdown box? (See #1 in my second screenshot.)

          To rip everything useful off DVD #2, all you should need are Titles 4, 17 & 60.

    • I know this is waay old, but incase someone else has the same problem… I had the same problem and my fix was to only rip chapters 2-XX of the workout routine… for example, I was ripping Eccentric Upper (which is 45 on the DVD), and it wouldn’t work if i tried to rip chapters 1-27. If I try 2-27 – it works. Must be something wrong with the 1st chapter. I haven’t tried it on any other DVD’s yet though.

  2. Yes. those are the only four titles I see. I even put a different CD in and only got like 45 titles as well.

    • and title 45 when it is ripped does not play at all

      • I wonder if your DVDs are different than mine? How I was able to determine which Titles I wanted to rip was by placing the DVD into my DVD player and starting the type of routine I wanted and then noting the actual Title number. If you have access to a DVD player, perhaps try looking at the Title list and see if you have the same number of Titles?

  3. Mine is something like p90x3 disk2

  4. My player is a Blu-Ray but no, I don’t have all those titles. My HandBrake has Add To Queue. I JUST got my files, so maybe that is why.
    Thanks for your help though.

  5. What version of Handbrake are you using? I didn’t think that Handbrake included the ability to decrypt DVDs any longer. Did you use something else first to decrypt the DVDs?

    • I used Handbrake 0.9.9 (x86_64) for Linux exactly as I outlined in my post. I didn’t use any other external programs to decrypt these DVDs.

      • Thanks, Aaron… that’s interesting. I’m using Handbrake 0.9.9 under Win7, and it’s not showing any titles in the drop-down box. I assumed that it was because they are CSS-protected, and Handbrake “can process most common multimedia files and any DVD or BluRay sources that do not contain any kind of copy protection”.

        I’ll give it a shot under Linux. I wonder if this is because libdvdcss is providing the decrypted data to Handbrake?

        • I didn’t even consider that the DVD might possibly be protected since it simply worked for me. The only Windows 7 box we have in the house doesn’t have a DVD player or I would have already tested it. Please let me know if it works for you.

          • Yep, libdvdcss is what’s doing the decryption magic, which makes it look like an unprotected DVD to HandBrake. It (mostly) works for me now under Linux. I say “mostly”, because on some of the titles, the process stops almost immediately after I start it, leaving a very small output file that can’t be played. I found that if I exclude Chapter 1 on those titles, then it works. No big deal, since Chapter 1 is always Tony’s “blah blah” intro… another 20 seconds saved! 🙂

            Also, the title numbers are different for me as well (but also different than Xiren’s). For example, here are the title numbers for Disc 2:
            Cold Start: 1
            Total Synergistics: 17
            CVX: 4

            I wonder if they published multiple versions of the DVDs to confuse the ripping “recipe”.

          • I think it would be expensive to press multiple versions of the same DVD package. Based on our conversation, I believe it’s more likely that the ripping procedure is different depending on the individuals Operating System.

  6. I noticed that some of the files would stop the encoding process right away. To avoid this, select chapter 2 as your starting point of the title you are copying.

    Thanks to the OP for this!

    • Thanks for commenting on your experiences, MM. If you happen to cruise back this way in the future, please let us know which Operating System you are using…

      • I had the same issue as MM – if I started at chapter 1, it would stop right away and end with a file about 100kb. Through trial and error found the same work around – starting at chapter 2. Odd thing though, some of the files would encrypt starting at Ch.1, but most didn’t. Using Windows 7, 32 bit.

    • MM- Thanks, you are a life saver. I’ve been fiddling with this problem for days. Thanks to Aaron as well.

  7. Jeramiah Hootner August 8, 2014 at 12:22 AM

    Worked like some sort of magic spell. Thanks for the work around. “Nice muscles dude.”

  8. Thanks very much — worked great!

    I have the “Elite” DVD, and I got two of the three workouts to work, but not the third. I’m wondering if the DVD might be defective. I tried playing the DVD in my Mac DVD player and also a regular one, and it seemed to display different title numbers (the Mac one had different title numbers come up on different attempts).

    The ones that seemed to work were:

    Complex lower: 4
    Ab ripper: 5

    If I ever get Complex Upper to work, I’ll post that.

    • If you look through the comments, it’s become obvious to me that this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution as I hoped it would be. I’ve got access to an OSX box but don’t have a Windows box with a DVD drive in it — so I hope to revisit this process in the future to see how it’s different depending on the Operating System…

  9. Has anyone been able to process Complex Upper from the Elite DVD? That is the only one I haven’t been able to convert.

  10. Thanks for the helpful steps! I never would have figured out those numbers without this. This system worked on all of my dvds except one. The Isometrics/Dynamix dvd.

    It plays as a normal dvd like one would expect, but for some reason the computer reads the dvd as being called “”. None of the other dvds had those brackets on the ends.

    I am not sure if that is what is causing the problem or not, but after several attempts at handbraking, the Dynamix workout is a mess of sequences that are out of order, and the Isometrics workout will not play at all. The Isometrics .m4v file even has a preview time of 00:00, despite handbrake giving a runtime estimate of 35:41, and taking about as long as the other workouts to finish exporting.

    • Apparently there is formatting here where putting “more than” and “less than” symbols around text removes it? I will try again, just imagine the actual symbols where I am placing the symbol name inside parenthesis. No spaces.

      So, the disk is being read as (less than symbol) P90X3_DISC_7 (More than symbol)

    • Thanks for checking in, Laura. If you swing back by here, I’d like to know which Operating System you’re using.

  11. Hi. on a mac and no luck. the video comes out broken and the audio is skipping. I’ve tried it multiple times and just no luck. oh well

  12. Thanks so much for the post. It really helped me understand how this works. For what its worth, I also had several tracks that differed from the list, but you still saved me a ton of time. I had
    CVX Title 4
    Triometrics Title 4
    MMX Title 18
    X3 Yoga Title 17
    Isometrix Title 17
    Dynamix Title 26

  13. Hi Aron,

    I need your help with ripping Focus T25 DVDs on my personal laptop. I fly every week to my work place so it is very inconvenient to carry DVDs and my Laptop Lenovo yoga W8 does not have DVD drive. I can use an external DVD drive to copy these DVDs on my laptop. But don’t want to carry this drive every week in my check in baggage just to play DVDs . It is too inconvenient.

    Please can you help?



    • In this post I described using Handbrake to rip P90X DVDs to your computer. While the focus was more on how to do it (specifically) for P90X3 DVDs because of the way the Titles are organized on each disc, the application is suitable to work on just about any DVD. Handbrake works on Windows, Mac and Linux computers and so long as it can understand the DVD format, you should be able to rip it into several different types of media. Google around for tutorials on how to use Handbrake, install it and give it a try. (There are other applications that do the same thing and you’re welcome to discover them on your own and experiment accordingly).

  14. Thank you for posting this tutorial. However, every time I try to rip a workout, I just get a mess of chapters out of order with random commercial in-between. Am I missing something? Thanks.

    • Zack,
      I thought there would be some similarities/order in the Chapters but given the number of comments on this post stating otherwise, I think we’re all going to have to work it out through trial-and-error. I don’t know how many chapters I ripped before I finally figured out what I needed.

  15. Any idea why handbrake is not automatically detecting the dvd’s when I insert?

  16. For those who had encoding issues with Handbrake I ran into similar problems. BTW, I’m on a Mac OS X and not only were my file numbers not matching up but the last file would not encode. I ended up using another app called MakeMKV to create *.mkv files which I could then turn into mp4 files using Handbrake. Then I would play the mp4 to see what the title was, rename it and add it to my iTunes for later play on my Apple TV.

    Hope this helps. 🙂


    • Kim,
      Thanks for the tip. As I stated earlier, I thought there would be some magic formula to figure out which chapters we could rip to get just what we wanted AND that it would be the same across all DVDs but that obviously isn’ the case. 🙁

  17. This was incredibly helpful for me! The chapters lined up perfectly with my disk. I was getting really frustrated because it kept messing up the video. Worked perfectly after using the disk title chart you posted. Much appreciated!

  18. Hi Aaron,

    I find your post very helpful for peopel to rip encrypted DVDs like P90X3. However, the main title of each P90X3 rontine is totally different from you, so I wrote a post about how to pick up the right title manully with MPC-HC as a supplement of yours. Would you like to share it to your readers if you do not mind the ripper I use is a shareware. Detail here:

  19. How do you detect all the right titles for each routine?

    • It’s been a while since I’ve done it but I’m mostly sure they aren’t auto-detected and I had to play each Title and then manually record which name went with each Title number.

  20. Thank you so much for posting this!
    My DVD player just died in the middle of CVX.
    Used windows media player to find the right sequences and handbrake to record.
    Then transferred to iPad, apply play and bam! finished workout.

    Thanks again!

  21. I was able to rip P90X3 using the instructions. However, the recordings are choppy and pixelated. I used default settings in Handbrake. This in on Window 8.1 64-bit.

  22. The first disc gave me fits with Handbrake 0.10 on OS X (Yosemite). One of the main titles and “Cold Start” ripped fine, but the third finished immediately, like others here have said. I didn’t try skipping a chapter; sounds reasonable. I actually hadn’t realized you could trim chapters with Handbrake, which would be awesome for trimming the fat at the end of these titles. I ended up trying Mac DVDRipper Pro and that’s working much better. It’s not free, but it starts up faster (Handbrake cranks forever when you load a disc) and it also has a player so you can just navigate to the title you want. Just an alternative for frustrated Mac folks. 🙂

  23. I couldn’t get handbrake to recognize any of the titles, however I worked out what I think is a foolproof* way to rip these DVDs using MakeMKV and then turning them into mp4 using handbrake.

    1. Run the DVD in VLC Media Player and make a note of the exact length of each one of the titles when I run them, e.g Eccentric Upper is 41:54 and Eccentric Lower is 40:15.

    2. Open the disc in MakeMKV with the manual checkbox checked. It gives you a window with the list of titles and a text field below. We just need a list of the title numbers with those timestamps separated by a space. I created a regex expression that takes care of it for you: Just replace the timestamps in the expression with your timestamps, making sure they are separated by a pipe (|), then paste the contents of the upper box into the regex editor. Finally, open the substitution window for your list of titles. Copy and paste them into the lower text field in MakeMKV.

    3. MakeMKV will whittle your list down to a smaller number of titles, realizing most are fake. I unchecked the subtitle checkboxes in each title because I don’t want them. Press the MakeMKV button. The result should be exactly the same number of titles as your timestamps in the folder you designated.

    4. Rename them and run them. Make a note the chapter where the commercials start. For instance, chapter 22.

    5. Convert them to MP4 using handbrake, but be sure to not include the commercials chapters. For instance if they start in chapter 22, only convert chapters 1-21.

    *Nothing is foolproof, as I’m sure will be proven 🙂

  24. Hey there – I just found this – thank you so much for posting! I just got P90x3 and am desperate to be able to copy on my computer so I can burn on to a USP. As far as I can tell, I can not use the program on my mac? Any clarification would be most helpful. Every time I try to download the program it says it is not compatible with Mac Ox – any thoughts, much appreciated.

  25. I use Handbrake with ANY DVD for decryption. I had several issues as well getting them to play back correctly. Cold Start was the only one that worked. I will follow your tips on finding the Title being used. Thanks

  26. I couldn’t get title 17 to burn from Disc 2, until I changed the chapters to record only chapters 2-19 (this is the actual video, no intro or commercials at the end). I used VLC media player to figure out which chapters to record.

  27. Hi and thank you so much for providing this information.
    I’m on an older Mac (running old OS 10.6.8) and I didn’t have too much trouble after I understood what to do. Here’s what worked for me:
    Pop the DVD in and let it start to play in the Mac’s DVD player. Choose one of the two workouts on the disc and let it start to play as if you were doing your workout. Under the “Go” menu, if you click on Title, you can see a long list of titles – the one with the checkmark beside it is the right one for that workout. You can also jump to chapters under the same Go menu to find which chapter is the last one. Write that down. You can then quickly go back to the main menu, choose the other workout and do the same thing to get the Title and Chapter info. Then in Handbrake, you can find each of the titles and set the chapters for the 2 workouts on each DVD.
    Works great!

  28. I ripped 17 as directed following the exact same steps, but the video is extremely fragmented, though the audio seems fine. Any advice? Windows 7. Thanks in advance

  29. I’m using Windows 8.1 and every time I record a workout using HandBrake the audio and video is choppy. Has anyone been able to get it to work on 8.1? I’m not sure how to manipulate the video recording settings to make it work. Any ideas? Thanks.

  30. Hey,

    How can I copy these over without the music? I basically copied the entire DVD and then went back and played all of them and not one file was music-free.


  31. Just wanted to thank you for posting this! I don’t even use a DVD player anymore, nor do I have one on my laptop. I love Beachbody but its 2016!! Digital or bust baby. I thought I would add my results to your wonderful post for the majority of people out there looking to break free of hardware and clutter…

    I bought the 21 Day Fix, and am using a external dvd player hooked up to my macbook air running el capita. I first tried to Handbrake it and failed – the video was scrambled, which means Handbrake cannot decrypt it. Handbrake isn’t really designed to be a decrypter, but also, maybe it’s the El Capitan thing, who knows, it doesn’t matter bc there are more options:

    MakeMKV quickly decrypted the title structure and is now creating an MKV file on my desktop for me to then Handbrake into a viable format for my iPad (iTunes mpg4 or h.264 or whatever handbrake preset will work- I have also had problems with this in the past, but I will start on that tomorrow…)

    MacX DVD Free edition decrypted the dvd well, however, it apparently wanted to create one video file out of all of my checked titles, which was a deal breaker. I’m guessing this is a user error – probably making separate files for each title is an option but I couldn’t figure out how, so I quit and went to the other app. Tomorrow, if Handbrake won’t encode the MKV file properly for my iPad to play it, I’ll go back and wrestle with MacX and see if I can’t come up with workouts I can actually use!

    Thanks again-

  32. I tried this with MMX/Warrior on a mac with handbrake. Video and Audio is totally choppy. If I try this with Coldstart, it works though? weird.

  33. Thanks for this.

    I noticed most of the title numbers don’t match up for me, but if you launch the DVD in VLC media player, and play the one you want you can right click and highlight playback and it will show the title number. Also setting handbrake to start on Chapter 2 really helped.

  34. Thanks for posting this, I also had different title numbers, but I just used VLC to look up the title that was playing. You didn’t mentioned it in your guide, but I also found VLC useful to figure out how what chapter to end with, since I didn’t want the extra ads at the end of each workout. I did run into one problem with using handbrake, where some workouts would show the correct run time, but handbrake would immediately stop encoding, and produce a really small file. I fixed this by going to options->advanced and under “DVD Reading”, I checked “Disable LibDVDNav”. When I did this, it fixed my problem. I am using Handbrake

  35. Some truly good information, Glad I noticed this.

  36. I’m having trouble even scanning the DVDs to get the titles. I have Handbrake installed and installed libdvdcss via home brew but I can’t seem to get past this on disc 2. Anyone run into these issues and figure a way around them?

  37. I was able to rip all the videos but X3 Yoga. Handbrake only saw 53 titles on that disc, but VLC Player identified the correct title as title 57. I had to use another ripping program (WinX DVD Ripper Platinum) to get it to work.

  38. Thanks for the tutorial. It seems that beach body has several different versions of the disks which have different title numbers. I suspect this is to keep their commercials fresh with who ever is sponsoring when the next set of disks get printed. Anyway, I had to use VLC movie player to figure out which titles and chapters served which workouts. When the workout is playing in VLC right click -> playback -> title to show the title. Sometimes it won’t rip if you include chapter 1. To avoid the commercials at the end, right click -> playback -> chapter to find the last scene of the workout. In general before you trim the trailing commercials, the title length is about 10 minutes longer than the workout.

    In linux, as people above have indicated, some flavors of handbrake won’t get you through css encryption without downloading a bit of extra code. For ubuntu I found it here.
    This step also let me look at my DVDs in the movie player and in VLC

    • Administrator Administrator February 2, 2017 at 7:50 AM

      Thanks for contributing and keeping this thread alive!

    • This was money.. seems that if there are two workouts on the disk that the first one cannot rip from Chapter1 for some reason (Challenge and Eccentric Upper for example)..

      The steps were great with running the DVD player, noting the track and then work through the chapters to avoid the commercials.

      A little annoying that the intro (which has what you need “bands/Chin up bar, weights, etc..) gets cut on some but you can figure it out pretty easy.

      This took me a week and a half to get through but very helpful walking through the comments over the last few years..

      Thanks again


  39. Thanks for the tutorial. I just finished ripping the last DVD and it worked great once I added libdvdcss-2.dll to the Handbrake program folder. I am running Windows 10 and I had no issues at all. I was able to locate the dll file at the following link.

  40. How do you know the right title’s.

  41. Great list – thanks! FYI…for anyone reading at the time of this post (March 2018), you can use VLC to easily identify the Title and Chapter settings (for this or any other movie you are ripping with security protection). After loading a disc into VLC, navigating the disc menu and clicking ‘Play’, head to the “Playback” menu and hover over the Title and Chapter sub-menus. The current Title and Chapter will have a check mark next to them. This works especially well for P90X3 if you only want to rip the workout and not all the commercials afterwards when in Handbrake. Just note the last Chapter played for the whole workout and in Handbrake choose the Title from the list above and select the Chapter range you want to rip. Works great!

    • @Aaron – should’ve read the comments first – seems another poster already discovered this, so no need to approve my comment since it is redundant. Thanks again for putting this together!

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