DerbyConCTF Files

October 3, 2014 — Leave a comment

Unlike last year, I preserved all the files I downloaded during this year’s DerbyConCTF. I know this isn’t everything there was available on the network and some new systems were brought online after I stopped playing. These files contain the nmap, nikto (and some other) scans along with any content I was able to easily download (mostly talking http and ftp here).

I’m sure there are probably a few hidden flags in these files waiting to be discovered and when I have time to get back around to it, I’ll sift through it to see if I can positively identify any more. I’m welcome to any hints you might like to drop in the meantime. 🙂

Next week I should be able to get around to finally describing some of these flags, so hang in there if you’re following along.

File Size (bytes) 28,281 320 4,402,226 750,999 251,094 107,907,040 51,568 348,308 816 841 76,744,129 2,793 30,952,192 339,209
network_scans.tar.gz 3,237

Aaron Melton


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