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CQ CQ SOTA Chasers,

I will be operating on Pine Log Mountain, W4G/HC-025 as part of the Cherokee County ARES Simulated Emergency Test (SET).  Before carrying out my assignment for the SET beginning at 12:30z, I hope to be on mountain early enough to setup and activate it for Summits On The Air.

I will be attempting to activate the mountain, again, at approximately 11:30z. My intentions are to work 40m SSB, 20m SSB and possibly even 2m FM if time allows.

I will self-spot via SOTA Goat or SMS, depending on cell/data availability (I don’t recall what it was the last time I was up there).

Hopefully the spot I choose to set up shack will be free from any RFI.  (Don’t want a repeat of Sweat Mountain.)

Hope to hear you on the air!


Yesterday I enjoyed Father’s Day in part by putting my Father’s Day gift (an Osprey Poco Plus child carrier) to good use.  The wife, baby, dog and I hiked a couple miles along the river at Rope Mill Park.  I’d love to see the county complete the trail system out there as it was still a bit muddy after the sidewalk runs out.  Every time I’m out there I say I’ll drop the canoe in the water and head up/down stream.  Maybe I’ll make that a reality this year?

Father's Day Hike

I apologize for redirecting you Shack Sloths over here but I had more to say than would fit in the SOTAWatch Alert comment field…

This Saturday June 14th (and/or possibly Sunday June 15th?) I will be on Sweat Mountain W4G/CE-002 participating in the ARRL VHF/UHF contest. Depending on how things work out, I will attempt to activate the mountain via VHF in hopes of avoiding stringing up an HF antenna.

What things would prevent me from activating?

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