Automated Raspbian Installer

Automated Raspbian Installer is a custom cmdline.txt & preseed.cfg file to create unattended, automated Raspberry Pi install using Raspbian Installer image.

See my GitHub Repository for this project to learn more.

See my posts about Automated Raspbian Installer to read more about its development.

2 responses to Automated Raspbian Installer

  1. Hello Aaron,

    I’m animating a community about a Train Layout command station based on a Raspberry.

    Due to product evolution I need to generate a new ISO image of the SD card due to kernel update or third party applications update or configuration change.
    For non-geek user removing SD card and using a Disk Imager for re-flashing it is way out of their knowledge.
    I’m looking for a solution where the SD card can be updated/rewrite from an ISO image stored on a FAT partition of an USB stick to plug in the Raspberry (I bit like some Android device are updated). Are you aware of such a solution.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Olivier,

      To my knowledge, you will have to remove the SD Card to re-flash it with a new image. I can’t think of any way to get around that. You can, however, create an SD Card which loads an image off an attached USB device. I’m not sure if that really makes it more convenient or not for you. Finally, one last possible option would be to (possibly?) create an SD Card which loads an image over the network via PXE. (

      Thanks for commenting!


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