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July 20, 2013 — Leave a comment

This week I made great progress with my VRFSearchTool.  I’m still not ready to push it to GitHub just yet, so I thought I’d blog a little bit about how it’s coming along.

While working through the functions I realized that I could better streamline the flow of the application by moving some of the functions around.  Originally, the application design did not check for the presence of the “routers.txt” file until later in the program.  The more I thought about this, the more backwards this seemed.  The “routers.txt” file is required by the program to know which routers to log into.  This is a requirement, if you plan on updating the index of VRF names in your environment.

Therefore, I decided to move the functions around such that the check for the “routers.txt” file came first, before the user got too deep in the program.  Should no “rotuers.txt” file exist, the application will create a sample and instruct the user on what to do with it.  I pushed the file check for the index farther back in the application workflow since it isn’t a requirement so much as the application will prompt the user to create the index, if one does not exist.

As it stands now, the primary functionality of the application is complete.  I only lack coding the function to log in to each router and download the VRF information and the function that will sort that information and build the index.  As soon as I have workable code I’ll publicize it and continue working on it from there.

Here is the current (new) workflow:

Current VRFSearchTool workflow as of 2013-07-19.

Current VRFSearchTool workflow as of 2013-07-19.

Aaron Melton


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