New Project: Xlog ADIF 2 SOTA activator CSV

January 21, 2014 — Leave a comment

As a Ham Radio operator and a Linux enthusiast, my options for programs to log QSOs is somewhat limited.  Unlike the Windows environment, there are only a handful of Linux logging programs to chose from.

I had initially taken a liking to CQRLOG for it’s powerful logging features but quickly became disappointed with it’s system requirements.  Namely, it won’t run on a Raspberry Pi — especially when operating side-by-side with FLDIGI.  While I don’t use a Raspberry Pi as the primary computer in my shack, I’d like to have that low-power option should I need it. (Such as, for a Field Day.)

Ultimately, I decided upon Xlog not only for it’s ability to run on systems with less horsepower but also in part because of it’s speed and simplicity of use.  I also liked that it uses a flat file for the log instead of a database on the backend.  (However, check back with me when I have several thousand contacts and we’ll see how that flat file holds up.)

All-in-all, I really enjoy using Xlog, especially when paired with hamlib to pull frequency and signal reports from my Elecraft KX3.  Except, there is that one little problem with exporting logs.  Technically, exporting the logs is not the issue — but exporting a log that you can in turn import directly into the SOTAdata website.

So, I wrote a small program to convert it for me.

I couldn’t think of a “clean” name for this program, so I just threw something together: XlogADIF2SOTAactivator.  The “activator” is appended to the end to differentiate from a “chaser” log since they don’t share the same format.  (I hope I’ll get around to creating a program to handle the chaser log.)  This application simply asks the user for the callsign they used to activate the summit, the summit reference ID and the input & output files and it does the rest.

If you’re an Xlog user and participate in SOTA (a very small cross-section of Ham Radio operators for sure), please check it out and let me know what you think and how I can improve it!

Aaron Melton


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