Little Terrapin Mountain W4C/WM-095 Non-Activation

September 18, 2014 — Leave a comment

This past weekend was the North America SOTA Weekend, where SOTA enthusiasts across the country were expected to be on summits, radios in hand, talking to one-another. I was enjoying a three-day weekend with the family in the mountains of Western North Carolina, where I was sure to make several summits. In fact, I only made two.

This was not one of them.

After leaving Shoal Mountain in defeat, I headed back down the road to Little Terrapin Mountain, where it was rumoured to be paved all the way to the top with an empty lot awaiting at the summit.  “Paved” being the key word since I was in the Prius and I’m not nearly as adventurous as K4KPK is with his Corolla.

Little Terrapin Mountain isn’t that difficult to find, but Little Terrapin Road is.  You’ll either have to follow your GPS or know what you’re looking for because the street sign is absent from the road.  In fact, even if it were there you might mistake the road as the entrance to Scotlyn’s Yard Nursery at the base of the mountain.  They’re actually one in the same:

Screenshot from 2014-09-13 23:48:21

Little Terrapin Road is a one-lane winding road that leads you to the top, or mostly to the top of Little Terrapin Mountain.  I say mostly because I didn’t make it the whole way.  Most of the way up you’ll encounter a Private Road sign, which I took a photo of to post here but my ageing iPhone decided it couldn’t be found in my camera roll.

Anyway, there were some guys working on a property right next to the sign and had I the time I would have asked about the summit and/or permission to drive up there.  However, this was to be just a scouting mission for future weekends back in the Highlands since I had burned up all my available time driving around and had to be back in Cashiers before much longer.

W4QO gets credit for being the first to activate this mountain.  He received permission from another resident on the mountain and managed to get the activation.  He seemed to have good luck with it, but it would have been awkward if I ended up asking the exact same guy he did.

Better luck next time.


Aaron Melton


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