Good Friday Not Always So Good

April 19, 2014 — 2 Comments

Yesterday was a “Spring Holiday” (don’t you dare call it Easter) so I thought I’d make great use of my time off and get some things done around the house.  We were expecting a LOT of rain and thankfully it held off long enough for me to get the yard taken care of.  However, I decided I was going to tackle a more ominous project: leaky valve gaskets.

So my Friday afternoon started off like this:

2014-04-18 14.53.05

And quickly ended like this:

2014-04-18 18.17.20

At that point, I just threw my hands up and called it a night.  It was a tight fit placing the valve cover back on and I didn’t notice that the gasket had rolled up at this corner so that when I began torquing it down, it cracked the edge of the valve cover.  I guess it could have been worse and cracked the head.  I could half-ass it and “repair” this a number of ways, but I’m just gonna order a new valve cover and leave it at that.  We can chalk this one up to another expensive lesson.

However, assuming I manage to complete this repair WITHOUT destroying anything else, I will still come out cheaper in the long-run than having a mechanic do the job.  Of course, I would have a working vehicle again in a tenth of the time.

Aaron Melton


2 responses to Good Friday Not Always So Good

  1. On the bright side, that whole valvey-looking contraption thing in the top picture looks really clean, not grungy like I’d expect the guts of a car to appear. So you’ve got that going for you. May your Saturday be better than good.

  2. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. 🙂

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