Do Not Disturb

February 5, 2014 — Leave a comment

A quick update: This evening I attempted to visit with J-Man… only, that didn’t happen.

As I approached his tent, I stopped about 20 feet away and announced my presence.  Normally he immediately appears from within the tent — only tonight, he didn’t.  I’m mostly certain he was “home” as his shoes were just outside the door.  However, I called twice with no answer.

I don’t know for sure if he wasn’t there… but since I don’t have the habit of walking into friend’s homes when they don’t answer the door — I didn’t advance any farther and just left.

On the way out I passed L who informed me that he was headed to remind J-Man that W was going to pick him up tomorrow morning to take him in for his medical examination.  W and I were supposed to have lunch tomorrow, but he figures this will be an all day ordeal.  I’ll be checking in with W tomorrow evening to see how things went — if they went.

Since J-Man didn’t answer me, I’ve been running Monday afternoon through my mind over and over wondering if I over-stepped my bounds in some capacity or the answer is as simple as J-Man wasn’t there.  L said that if J-Man were sleeping that he’d wake him up.  I suspect L and J-Man have that sort of relationship but I didn’t stick around to see what came of that conversation.

Anyway — I saw a copy of J-Man’s missing persons report provided by his family — so obviously T is still in contact with them since it’s made it’s round among J-Man’s supporters.  It continues to blow my mind that he’s been “missing” for so many years and his family hasn’t had the first clue of his whereabouts.  Actually, it’s not that so much as it’s J-Man’s unrelenting belief that they’re all dead.

Like I was telling T on Monday… if you live in a self-imposed solitary-confinement long enough, it’s bound to blur the lines between perception and reality.

Aaron Melton


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