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When it rains, it pours, as they say and if you’re particularly unlucky, the lightning strikes — as it did at our house on July 11th.

Sarah and I were in the living room that Friday evening as a hard rain and thunder rolled overhead.  I believe she was playing with the baby and I was doing something unimportant on the iPad when this spectacular crash interrupted our activities.  The transformer on the pole at the street erupted into a shower of sparks.  The lights in the house went off briefly, followed by the beeping sounds of multiple battery Back-UPS located around the house warning us of a power outage.

And then the smoke alarm sounded…

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Yesterday I enjoyed Father’s Day in part by putting my Father’s Day gift (an Osprey Poco Plus child carrier) to good use.  The wife, baby, dog and I hiked a couple miles along the river at Rope Mill Park.  I’d love to see the county complete the trail system out there as it was still a bit muddy after the sidewalk runs out.  Every time I’m out there I say I’ll drop the canoe in the water and head up/down stream.  Maybe I’ll make that a reality this year?

Father's Day Hike

Memorial Day

May 26, 2014 — Leave a comment

Please take a moment today to show some reverence towards the men and women who sacrificed their lives so you could enjoy some time off from work to shop some sales, grill burgers and lounge around the pool.


P.S.  “Happy” is not the sort of adjective you place in front of “Memorial Day.”

I love P90X3, but I want the workout, not all the fluff that comes with it.

If you’re a frequent P90X3 user and you own the DVD set — you probably feel the same way I do: When I’m motivated to pop that DVD in the player, I shouldn’t have to wait on FBI warnings, medical disclaimers, BeachBody product advertisements, commercials or user testimonials.  I don’t relish the thought of exercise, so when I’m pressing play on the DVD player, the sooner we get to the action, the better.

Having said all that, I’ve finally decided to rip all these DVDs and incorporate them into my media player.  Not only does this skip the process of having to locate the DVD in the sleeve and put it in the player, but I receive the added benefit of skipping the parts I can’t fast-forward through when using the DVD.

However, unless you understand how these DVDs are formatted, ripping the appropriate content can be somewhat confusing.  That is why I wrote this guide, to help other impatient people get the most out of their time and get on with the workout.

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As you might have read, I was having some engine-repair woes earlier in the week, but I finally got all that cleared up and everything running smoothly again.


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As a project wears on, standards for success slip lower and lower.


Title shamelessly stolen from one of my favorite XKCD comics.

Saturday evening I crossed the finish line at Tough Mudder Atlanta.  I wasn’t carried by a team member or otherwise in the back of an ambulance as it exited the course for the nearest hospital.  I finished, still standing, with enough strength and dexterity to hold my congratulatory beer and not spill it.

And while I can’t unequivocally say it is “probably the toughest event on the planet,” it certainly was tough and there was plenty of mud.  I’d share my experience and reasons for singing up, but I don’t believe there’s enough interest for me to spend the time writing and editing such content.  Instead, I’ll leave you with a before and after photo.  Enjoy.

ToughMudder Before


ToughMudder After

Hopefully I’ll have some great stories and photos to share.

See you on the other side!

P.S.  This was post number 666. I hope that’s not a sign! o.O

Just 3 days until Tough Mudder Atlanta.

They published the course map today, which helped assuage my anxiety.  I’ve transitioned from being nervous to “let’s get this over with already.”  I’m certain it will revert back to the butterflies as we line up at the gate…

I’m continuing to train hard by consuming all my left-over Easter candy, dining out and ensuring I have at least one sugary drink a day.  In-between all that, I’ve found some time to upgrade from P90X to the P90X3 routine.

At the risk of sounding like a woman, I still need to figure out what to wear.  I don’t believe I own anything appropriate to wear for a shirt.  Cotton is completely out of the question and everything synthetic I own is too loose.  (I’m thinking the tighter, the better to keep muddy garments from flopping around.)  I’m also considering wearing some compression shorts to keep the mud out of my girly bits.  No sense in being any more uncomfortable than necessary.

Still undecided on wearing gloves or not.  Wear them and they *might* protect my hands from any debris when crawling through the mud or splinters when climbing the walls.  Or they might just fill up with mud and I toss them halfway into the course.  Who knows?

The shoes I’ve been exercising in I purchased with the purpose in mind that they wouldn’t survive Tough Mudder.  I bought them back on sale in December and they’re starting to break down on me, so I expect to leave them on the course.

Two of the guys on the team have arm or shoulder injuries that will prohibit them from doing 99.99999% of the course.  Since they’ve paid and Tough Mudder doesn’t offer refunds, they still plan on running the course and skipping the obstacles.  I say each of them should have to do the Arctic Enema at least twice.  That leaves at least 10 other participants on our team that should be able to drag my fat ass over the walls.

Way back when I installed a driveway camera, the intent was to keep a watchful eye on the front of the house.  Never once did it occur to me that it’d reveal all sorts of crazy things that happen at the house when we’re not home or otherwise not paying attention.

Since its installation, its captured all sorts of entertaining images.  Its captured plenty of video of spiders in progress of building their webs.  Its captured an assortment of wildlife crossing through the yard such as deer, turkey and even a coyote once.  Its even captured a photo of squirrel nuts.

Entertainment aside, it’s also very informative about the activities and habits of other people that come to visit, so to speak.

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