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I created AutomatedRaspbianInstaller (back in July) because there was (at the time) no documentation or known solutions on how to create a completely automated installer for Raspberry Pi. Having tinkered with unintended installations of Linux in the past, I thought this could be an important addition to the Raspberry Pi community.

Creating a new image from scratch can take upwards of 45 minutes from my 3mbps Internet connection at home. I wanted a “fire and forget” solution that would download all the required files and install a minimal, base system without requiring me to check in on it from time to time to answer questions. Hence, AutomatedRaspbianInstaller.

However, it seems the individual that created the original installation file (that I based my script on) is no longer active on the (official) Raspberry Pi forums as evident by the updated instructions accompanying the Raspbian Installer. Although they have left instructions on how to obtain the old (2012) image my script is based off of, it would seem my script has become a bit dated.

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After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I’ve finally developed a method to automate (preseed) Raspberry Pi installations using the Raspbian Installer.

Here are a few more details about this project, lifted from it’s GitHub Repository:

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