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2014 Blog Summary

February 3, 2015 — Leave a comment

Regular readers, assuming I have any left, may have noticed activity around here has been pretty quiet the past few months.  Major work projects with deadlines in November last year sucked up all my available time outside family life. In a very short timeframe I was able to successfully integrate both a new network performance monitoring tool and an intrusion detection system into our network.  Now that those things have (mostly) settled down a bit, I have more time to continue exploring activities that interest me and the margin to blog about them.

In 2014 I began capturing basic metrics on the blog and I thought it would be fun to look back at the year to see what was hot and what was not.  In the approximately 86 blog posts I made in 2014, one post practically dominated the majority of my inbound traffic.  I’m not a paid subscriber to StatCounter, so I can’t provide you with a detailed history, but if the last 9 days are any indication, you can see just how popular my How To Rip P90X3 DVDs With Handbrake post was:



Thanks to everyone participating in the comments section on that post.  I never imagined there would be so much interest in this topic when I wrote my guide. Continue Reading…

I apologize for disappearing right in the middle of my posts for the DerbyCon CTF Flags.  I’m leading two large projects at work that have deadlines this month (one tomorrow and the other next Friday) — so I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and type out the remaining posts to finish this series.

Honestly, there are other things I should be diligently working on at the moment, but I’ve been feeling guilty and wanted to finish this one out so I can put a check in the box.  Well, that and I needed to take a break.  Standby for the remainder (?) of my DerbyCon posts…

I know this blog seems like it’s been all about Ham Radio lately… but I’ve got plenty of ideas about different content to add.  Just as soon as I get around to finding that free time…

Happy New Year!

January 3, 2014 — Leave a comment

Do you ever think about writing a new blog post and then think there is something else you’d rather be doing?

Yeah, me too…

Back To Blogging

July 10, 2013 — 3 Comments

Much to my own surprise, I’ve decided to return to blogging.

So how would I describe my on-again-off-again affair with blogging and why is this blog any different than the rest?

In the past, my blogs have revolved around a specific subject, such as motorcycles.  Honestly? It became more tedious (to me) to write about motorcycles than to throw my leg over a bike and hit the curves.  Ultimately, I lost interest in maintaining the blog because experiencing the subject was time well spent compared to documenting the experience.

Previously, my motivation for blogging was personal — therefore I approached it with casual effort.  Now, my motivation for blogging is professional.  Not “professional” in the sense that I’m promising well-written, polished content, but “professional” in the sense of career development.

Continue Reading…